Tide Tables and Weather on San Juan Island

The weather in the San Juan Islands is not the same weather you will find in Seattle. The Emerald City recieves approximately 30 inches of rain per year, but here in the islands, we receive approximately 18 inches per year. This is because we are located in the "banana belt" or the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountain range.  The locals also lovingly refer to this phenomena as "the blue hole", because on sunny days in our area, you can usually see the rain clouds off in the far distance. 

During the months of May - September the islands are generally sunny and warm and in the 70's, and year round we receive around 247 days of sunshine and about half the rainfall of Seattle.  Just west of here, the Olympic Rain Forest receives up to 250 inches per year.  In order to help you plan for your trip we've provided a few links to find out the weather you can expect while you're here.

NOAA Friday Harbor Weather
National Weather Service specific to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island WA
48.55°N 123.06°W (Elev. 115 ft)
The weather here is taken 3 miles west of San Juan Island. (not from Seattle and reinterpreted)

Marine Weather
National Weather Service specific to the water around the San Juan Islands

Victoria Canada Weather
Sponsored by ASL Environmental Sciences - marine weather

San Juan Island & PNW Tide Tables
From this page one can select tide table from all over Washington State for up to two weeks at a time


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