Make your trip on the ferries smooth sailing

Getting to the Anacortes ferry terminal

The city of Anacortes is the gateway to the San Juans islands, and home to the Washington State Ferry terminal where ferries depart to all the major islands. The ferry ride from Anacortes to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor) is approximately 1 hour.

To reach Anacortes from Interstate-5, take exit #230 at Burlington. Turn west on Highway 20 and follow the highway until you reach Anacortes. Once in downtown Anacortes, follow the signs (San Juan Island Ferries), past downtown, to the ferry landing.

At the terminal

It’s important to arrive well before your planned departure time; especially in the busy summer months.

If you are bringing your car across in July and August, arrive at least 1-1.5 hours prior to the ferry departure.

Even if you are not bringing your car to the island, it is best to have your car in the Anacortes parking lot 1 hour ahead of the ferry departure. You will need time to park your car, then purchase a walk-on ferry ticket.

Once at the terminal, head to the toll booths if you plan on taking your car across on the ferry. The approximate price for car and driver is about $75 (round trip), passengers extra. Put your car in line and wait as directed.

If you are not bringing your vehicle on the ferry, stay to the left of the toll booths, park your car and purchase a walk-on ferry ticket.

Visit the Washington State Ferries website for complete details on fares and sailing times.  If you take your car, it is highly recommended that you make vehicle reservations at  Reservations are not needed for walk on passengers. 

Note: Do not set the alarm on your car if taking it aboard the ferry. The motion of the vessel can set off the alarm and cause you to miss all the scenery on deck while you run below deck to turn off the alarm.

Should I bring my car to the island?

You do not need to bring your car across, in our opinion. There are many ways of getting around San Juan Island, and the small town of Friday Harbor is walkable.