Today we started out by launching out of county park and started paddling north on a 5-hour kayaking trip.  The weather was perfect with blue skies and sunshine the entire trip.  Not long after being on the water we were surprised by a harbor seal popping up with 15 yards with what looked like a canary rockfish in its mouth.  We got to watch it gorge itself for awhile before paddling on.  We stopped for lunch and were just finishing up when we spotted a bull orca.  So we rushed back into our boats for some better looks.  We made our way out to a well known point for viewing the whales and all of a sudden had multiple whales all around us. Most were staying out around 200 yards while a select few came in much closer to us.  At one point a female surfaced around 25 yards from us! We even got to see multiple breaches, probably the coolest part was seeing a baby orca fully jump out of the water right along side it's mother.  After this amazing experience we continued out paddle along the west side of Henry Island were the bald eagles were harbor seals were abundant.  It doesn't get much better than today.

Kayak Guide Chris W

San Juan Island Outfitters