With November right around the corner, we cannot believe how fast this season went!  Not only was it a wonderful summer full of sun, but we had record high orca whale sightings!  This past season we had ample time to enjoy J,K, and L pod in their summer hunting grounds in the Salish Sea.  Many of these days were spent on the west side of San Juan Island, a favorite spot for the salmon eating Southern Resident Killer Whales.  On days that the SRKWs (Southern Resident Killer Whales) were out fishing in the Pacific Ocean, we were greeted with Transient Orcas.  These marine mammal eating orcas were seen with even more regularity this summer, which made for some exciting trips! Not only were the orcas out and about almost every day this season, but Pacific White Sided Dolphins were seen often and in huge groups and humpbacks have been spotted with more regularity too.  Pacific White Sided Dolphins like to engage boats in bow and wake riding.  Guests were lucky enough to experience over 200 of these playful dolphins one day right outside Friday Harbor!  Humpbacks have been seen more and more over the past few years and we hope that this means the return of these gentle giants.  At 60ft long, a Humpback Whale is quite the sight! Looking back, it has been a truly wonderful season and we can only hope 2015 sets even more records for wildlife sightings! Naturalist Emily San Juan Outfitters