I can't believe it's already almost May- April flew right by! The wildlife sightings have been fantastic this month, and today was no exception. I paddled out for a 5 hour sea kayak tour with Aaron and Bruno this afternoon, and it was a good trip. As there were no whales within our reach we focused on harbor seals and bald eagles, and we had great luck there.

By the time we'd rounded the first tip of Pearl we'd already seen a river otter diving, surfacing and munching away so I knew the trip was off to a good start. Just as Aaron and I started talking about bald eagles (his favorite bird), we saw a large adult rise from the middle of Speiden Channel and make its way towards us. It came closer and closer, and finally flew directly above our heads with a large fish gripped tightly in its talons! It alighted on a low branch and began to eat while its mate soon became quite busy fighting off another eagle. We then went on to see over a dozen eagles, but nothing could top the first few minutes of our trip.