Today the M/V Sea Hawk left Roche Harbor for two trips! We ended up catching up with my personal favorite matriline in the entire southern resident community: the J16s, comprised of Mom, J16 (Slick) and her three offspring, J26 (Mike),  J36 (Alki), and little seven year old J46 (Echo).  We watched them come down from Turn Point on Stewart Island, the most northwesterly part of the continental US. They traveled down at high speeds,  then spread out to forage! We also watched as the rest of K Pod, who were behind the J16s, make there way down Island as well.

On our second trip we encountered almost all of K Pod and also J27, Blackberry, who was traveling with them. We saw breaches, tail slapping, spyhopping, cartwheels and all sorts of amazing behaviors! J27 also surprised us all by popping up closer than predicted! It's my birthday today, and I really couldn't have thought of a better way to spend it!! Lot's of whales and amazing people!!

Heather, Naturalist, M/V Sea Hawk

San Juan Outfitters