[Lauren Fritz, M/V Seahawk, 08/12/17, 6:00 pm Charter]

What do humans do for fun when they're hanging out with their families? Run around outside and throw a football around? Play Settlers of Catan and watch Disney movies? Bake cookies and make gourmet hot chocolate? Well, whatever you do for fun, you can bet orcas have their own ways of playing too! Guests onboard M/V Seahawks private charter today were treated to some amazing playful behaviors from a pod of Transient orcas - the T99's! We encountered them right off of Fishermen's Spit on Lopez Island, an unusual spot to see orcas. Curious what they were up to? Check out the photos below!

If I were a whale, breaching and slapping my tail and pectoral flippers would probably be the most fun, liberating activity around. Put yourself in the fins of a whale - what would you do for fun when you're hanging out with your family?

Congratulations to the beautiful couple who chartered the boat today for their wedding party, we appreciate you booking your tour with us and wish you many more happy orca encounters throughout your life together!

Naturalist Lauren, San Juan Outfitters