M/V Sea Hawk and guests headed south toward Eagle Point on San Juan Island. Along the way we encountered Dall's Porpoise surfacing and creating rooster tails! This was a big treat for everyone, and for myself because I have not been able to see Dall's Porpoise do this action before. When watching the Dall's, guests were able to see the muscular build of the Dall's, see a the black and white coloring of them, and see a slow surfacing and a rooster tail spray surfacing. Guests were also able to hear the blows of them! We continued down the westside of San Juan and first encountered Orcas moving toward shore. The first resident orca we were watching happened to be J-2, aka Granny! After hearing how old she was guests were excited to see her first. We continued to watch and saw other residents swim by and move toward shore. After spending some time with our engines shut down, everyone noticed that the residents turned and started to move offshore! We were able to get some great views of  J-37, Hy'Shqa, and little two year old J-49, Tilem I'nges. We were all excited to say we were able to see the oldest and youngest orcas today!

Naturalist, M/V Sea Hawk