Humpback Whale

Erick | 7/6/18 | M/V Sea Hawk | 2:00PM


This Friday, Captain Sarah and I headed out with a great group of humans aboard the M/V Seahawk from Roche Harbor. We headed out and headed north towards Boundary Pass. As we passed into Swanson Channel we saw a few blows in the distance. Capt. Sarah brought us closer and we saw that the blows were from two Humpback Whales. We followed beside them for awhile as they travelled south. It seemed that they were heading to the area in between Stuart, Moresby, and South Pender Islands. This area usually concentrates plankton which brings in tiny fish which these Humpback Whales love to eat! Sure enough when they arrived in that general area they started doing deeper dives and lifting their flukes up. It was amazing watching their tails rise above the water and cascade with seawater as they dip below the surface. We stayed with these cool whales as they fed for about 30 minutes and then headed back across Boundary Pass. We traveled back through Johns Pass and watched Bald Eagles and Harbor Seals around Spieden Island before we had to head back to Roche Harbor.


Whale Folks, that’s all for now,

Naturalist Erick

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