We had a fantastic trip today. The Thackray family from Bainbridge Island were up for spring break cycling the San Juans. Brett, Maureen, Sophie (15), Anna(12), and Erin(7) were all in good spirits despite the cold. The weather was clear, cool, and partly sunny. Very light winds, and great conditions for a paddle.

We launched from San Juan Outfitters dock in Roche Harbor, and immediately encountered a number of seasonal birds: Surf Scoters, Harlequin Ducks, Common Mergansers, Hooded Mergansers, and Buffleheads. As we continued North and west towards Henry Island, we saw a few seals pop up. The tides were right, and we drifted out into Haro Strait west of Battleship Island, where the fun began. We spotted some Harbor Porpoise in the distance, and they continued to close the distance as we drifted with the current. Out of nowhere, the group of 7 Harbor Porpoise popped up right in front of us. They were relaxed, and continued for 5-7 breaths as we watched. It was a fantastic encounter. More wildlife sightings followed, but the highlight was definitely the close encounter with that large group of adult Harbor Porpoise. Heading out tomorrow and this weekend. Brian Goodremont