A quick post regarding our Southern Resident Killer Whales

For those who do not follow our Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW), our population suffered a small decline in 2008. This has prompted more discussion amongst both government and non-government organizations to research and discuss the causes of the decline. More information on Southern Resident Killer Whales can be found on our website.

Good news was traveling through the research and whale watch community last week. The whales spotted off Port Angeles seemed be a little heavier in numbers than the fall from initial reports. Potential new calves in both J and L pod. I will follow up when I learn more. These births may not be confirmed until the Southern Resident Killer Whales return again this spring. It's quite difficult for researchers to confirm new calves, especially in the turbulent waters during winter months. While we get excited about new calves, scientists do not usually include calves in the population count until they reach the age of 1, because mortality is so high in calves. Let's all hope this was a confirmed sighting, and the calves stay strong.