M/V SeaHawk | Sunday, August 4th, 2019 | Naturalist Alexandria

What a great day we had out on the water today! Talk about going the distance!  All of our friends jumped on board M/V SeaHawk and eagerly awaited getting out on the water.  After we pushed off the dock we were excited to hear that there were reports of orcas, but they were very far down south.  We decided to just start trekking that way, hoping that we would be able to meet up with them!

Once we got farther south we heard that the orcas were continuing to head slightly away from us, so we checked in with everyone on board and made sure no one had any flights that they would be unable to make if we decided to push it and make the trek all the way down there!

While it was almost a trip all the way down to Port Angeles it was so worth the distance!  By the time we got to these awesome orcas they were creating so much surface action that it was impossible to not be so excited by what we saw!  There were probably easily 50 tail splashes, a spy hop and even a breach by the youngster!  It was quite an awesome time with these whales!

We worked our way back but not before seeing a few harbor porpoise hanging out in Haro Strait.  They swam by quickly, but were so awesome to see!

It was quite possibly the longest trip down south that this boat has made, but it was absolutely worth it!

Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria