This week's fog and clouds lifted in time for a beautiful day on the water as I paddled out for a private 5 hour tour. We decided to circumnavigate Henry Island and lucked out with good currents and great wildlife sightings.

Early on we looked at a number of surf birds and Bald Eagles and were in turn checked out by some curious but wary Harbor Seals as we quietly slipped past. As we rounded Kellett Bluffs we paddled slowly by a noisy and active Pelagic Cormorant rookery and were rewarded by seeing a Peregrine Falcon swooped down towards the birds--but without success. During our lunch break at Half Moon Bay we sat and rested while listening to a pair or Bald Eagles talk to each other and watching as a river otter swam lazily in front of our boats.

All in all a great, smooth day on the water!