Today was a pretty fantastic day all around-- gorgeous weather, active wildlife and calm water. As we rested in the bull kelp forest, we kept a sharp lookout for harbor seals, and were rewarded when a mother decided to haul herself out of the water and on top of the kelp just a few dozen feet from our boats. There she proceeded to get comfortable and nurse her pup!

Earlier that day we'd been resting in the same spot when an eagle flew down from its nest on McCracken Point and landed with a splash in the water below. It remained in the water for a few moments, having obviously tried to pick up some dinner that was heavier than expected, before flapping those great wings with some difficulty and becoming airborne yet again (without anything to eat).

After leaving the kelp forest we paddled south and checked out yet another bald eagle nest and there we saw clearly the eaglet in the nest, and watched as it flapped its wings over and over again.

It was an absolutely perfect day for a sunset paddle with the cloudless blue skies of the afternoon giving way to cloud cover at dusk-- creating a dramatic display of pinks, reds and purples in the sky.