Jordan | M/V Sea Hawk | 07/24/19 | 2:00pm

What a beautiful day!

Captain Sarah and I booked it out of Roche Harbor and headed out to open seas. We boated up north around Spieden Island and towards Johns Island and Stuart Island!

Here we passed by a cute summer camp where they put up teepees along the shoreline. We passed by a recreation of a Native American long house as we passed through John’s Pass.

Then we crossed Boundary Pass into open waters and up towards Saturna Island of Canada! Up around a Canadian Island called Tumbo, we found a whale!

We identified it as a huge humpback whale travelling and potentially feeding in the open waters. We were so enthralled by its massive tail and sloping back. You could see its giant exhalation from far away!

The mysterious whale suddenly took a deep dive and disappeared, until boom! The whale surfaced right next to the boat! You could hear its explosive breath and see its shimmering blubber! Amazing! Then the whale dove right under our boat.

We watched him swim and dive as we wondered what he was doing within the dark depths of the sea.

Eventually we headed back towards once we came and meandered among the islands. Along the way we spotted some harbor seals and bald eagles! Some of us even saw some harbor porpoises!

It’s always amazing to see all the biodiversity of this amazing pacific northwest environment! People were very captivated by our wildlife! And it was a pleasure to speak with all my guests and tell them all the fun facts and answer all of their great questions!

Finally we made it back to Roche Harbor. What a lovely day!