I am glad so many folks decided to come kayaking today as it was absolutely gorgeous here on the west side. My first tour of the day was special, as it was just Dan and Joan with me, and we got to really relish the quiet perfection. They were native Washingtonians, so it was a treat for me to be able to show them a side of these islands (and their state) they'd never seen before.
My second tour was also pretty neat as the wildlife really came out for the four couples I was guiding. We had numerous bald eagle sightings and harbor seals popping up quiet close to some of our boats. I was pretty content with that and just enjoying our paddle when one of my guests, John, spotted something way in the distance. It was a harbor porpoise or two! They were surfacing quietly, and moving quite quickly, so we were able to see them just a few times before they'd already moved past our range. After that I spotted a red fox trotting along the beach, and a river otter surfacing briefly to round off our trip. All in a day's work!