Captain Brian just called into the reservation desk to report on his whale watching trip today. It sounds as though Captain Brian and Naturalist Kendall had a really fantastic trip. Brian reported that the seas were flat and calm and I can add that the sun is shining! The day started off with serious fog though which could've hindered the trip. Luckily, it burned off with the afternoon heat and Brian was able to navigate down the west side of San Juan Island to an area called Hannah Heights which is just south of the Lime Kiln Lighthouse. It was just our boat, the Seahawk, with the J-16 sub group of J-Pod. This group includes the newest calf in J-pod, J-42. It sounds as though they saw breaching and other playful behavior. Another successful trip!

Our kayaking trips have also had some interesting and fun experiences today. According to one of our guides, Noelle, her guests saw an orange ochre sea star which is not seen very often. They also saw a raccoon on a local island and had some great looks at a few bald eagles.