A Long day and perhaps a shorter than normal post.

Capt. Gabe and I took two tours out with us today and we were blessed with the fast that s small portion of the Southern Residents were already moving south from Point Roberts, and moving fast! The heat wave we had a few days ago had broken so we had cool breezes and a very sunny San Juan morning. The orcas were apparently on a tight cetacean schedule because they beat us to East Point off of Saturna Island. It was the K-13s! One of my most favorite families. This matriline is led by K-13, Skagit. We first saw her son K-25, Scoter as we led the group south. We saw him and a few of his sisters traveling fast and then stop to mill and fish. Scoter has a very thick dorsal fin and his super playful so we went belly up a few times and then under and then BREACH! We stayed with him for a few moments then more of the family moved closer. We saw Skagit herself next and then Spock, K-20! I have to say that Spock is my favorite. One because of her nickname and two because of her beautiful saddle patch containing a black arrow shape. We've met up with K13s a few times this season and Spock is always a calm, peaceful presence. We sailed back towards Roche Harbor with this family and split as then went down Haro straight and we sailed through that skinny but beautiful Johns Pass.

Our second trip got to see this family too since they were headed our way. We met up with them around the Lime Kiln lighthouse - one of the orcas favorite places to transit pass - and were continually amazed to see this lovely family as we had wonderful views of them swimming through the dark waves of the Salish Sea.

And to conclude: a haiku about Spock,

Black head and loud breath
Dorsal to saddlepatch sheen
Caudal peduncle

Whale that's all folks

Naturalist Erick
M/V Seahawk, San Juan Outfitters