M/V Sea Hawk departed on the 3pm trip in hopes to head north. However, Captain Jim heard a report of Orcas closer, so we headed south out of Mosquito Pass. Earlier in the day we saw Js and Ks separate, Js moving north and Ks moving south. By the time we left, Js were already in the Strait of Georgia and Ks were around Eagle Point milling.

Since we know these are resident orcas, we know they are following the Chinook Salmon up to the Frasier River. This is exactly where Js were headed, while Ks went back down south most likely to fish. Since an adult male orca needs about 400 pounds of salmon per day, they are constantly searching for salmon!

When we met up with the Ks, they were moving north quickly and being very active! Guests were lucky to see a few spyhops, tail-lobs, and even a breach! Everyone was very excited about what they were seeing! We also got some great views of K-26, Lobo! We followed them north to Kellet Bluff where they turned and headed back down south again.


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