Yesterday we left Roche Harbor and out of Mosquito Pass.  We traveled just a couple miles South into Haro Strait and found a majority of K-pod traveling South.  We saw K13 (Skagit) and her offspring K20 (Spock), K25 (Scoter), K27 (Deadhead) and K34 (Cali).  K13 also travels with her grand-offspring K38 (Comet) and K44 (Ripple).  We also saw K16 (Opus) and her sprouting male offspring K35 (Sonata).  K35 is at the age where he is starting to grow his big 6 foot dorsal fin.  And lastly we saw the K14's which includes K14 (Lea) and her three offspring K26 (Lobo), K36 (Yoda) and K42 (Kelp).  We saw all of the families close together and displaying some social interactions as well.  We were even lucky enough to see a spyhop!  We had a beautiful ride back up the West side of San Juan Island and enjoyed the day out on the water.  All of our guests seemed to be pretty thrilled to see some of the resident orcas in action.

Naturalist Rachel

M/V Sea Hawk, San Juan Island Outfitters