What started out as a grey San Juan day, turned into an excellent day of sunshine and fun on the water! Naturalist Andrew and Captains Nancy and Chris encountered members Jpod and Lpod today off of the North West coast of San Juan Island. While traveling with the whales whale watch guests saw lots of spy hops and breaching. A young orca in the group was very active and got a lot of air while breaching! The orcas were swimming very close to shore around Kellett Bluff on Henry Island, which is something we see often when the whales are traveling around Henry. Andrew and company also saw bald eagles all over the place!

Kayak guide Michael was lucky enough to catch these same whales while on his 5 hour kayak tour! Michael and his guests were able to finish their lunch with a view full of orcas! Michael also saw a ton of invertebrates including urchins and a stripped sun star! There was even a bald eagle feeding her fledglings in the nest!