Since we have not blogged since late last week, there are have been many killer whale sightings to report. We'll start with the resident J's and K's that were spending lots of time in Seattle last week. Those same whales were spotted off Victoria on Sunday moving East. Some local whale watch tours from Victoria and San Juan Island were able to spot them and confirm J-pod individuals. We were not on the water that day, although it wasn't a bad day out there. I'll be checking in with the operators who were with those whales to find out which direction they were headed when last seen. No reports yesterday, so I'm guessing they went out the straits of Juan de Fuca towards open ocean, or perhaps back down into South Sound? It was incredibly windy yesterday so I'm not surprised there were no sightings, even though the whales could still be right in our back yard.
We've woken up to lighter winds today, but still reporting 15-20mph and I can see heavy whitecaps in San Juan Channel from the office window. We're unlikely to see those whales unless they are right on shore, or we hear them through the lime kiln hydrophones. I'll keep our readers updated if whales are spotted or heard today.