We pulled out of beautiful, sunny Roche Harbor in hopes of finding killer whales (orcas) in the thick fog that surrounded the southern half of San Juan Island. We began heading south and had to turn on our radar and use a fog horn to communicate with surrounding vessels, it was a unique way to travel but also very safe. As we began slowing in the fog - we spotted two black dorsal fins cutting through the water. We had spotted K-Pod (southern resident killer whales)! We immediately began following the whales at a safe distance, quickly realizing that there were potentially 10-15 whales with us. It was extremely exciting as we travelled through the dense fog, sometimes only hearing the whales exhalation of breath. However, the whales began heading north (out of the fog) rather quickly and it was not long before we got spectacular views. K-Pod was feeling extremely social, they were spy-hopping and breaching in every direction! It was phenomenal!

After spending 2hrs with the whales, we decided to continue north and visit Spieden Island. Once there we got great views of bald eagles, harbor seals, harbor porpoises and sitka deer! It was a once in a lifetime trip full of diversity both marine and terrestrial!