We started out the day departing Roche Harbor with a small group of 3 guests, two from Ireland and one from the Dominican Republic.  It was an awesome opportunity to display the Pacific Northwest and all of it's natural beauty to guests visiting from so far away.  After about 45 minutes of paddling we got out to the Haro Strait where we were instantly greeted by many harbor seals.  Not 10 minutes later I heard some loud breathing and turned to notice a large tan head protruding from the water, it was a large male stellar sea lion! We huddled our kayaks together to watch and see what it would do next.  hhe went down for a dive and came up with a skate in his mouth.  The sea lion began to thrash about shaking his head and dismantling his prey.  He was sure putting a show!  After we were satisfied with this sight we continued our paddle on a gorgeous sunny day.  Other sights included harbor porpoise, lots of bald eagles,  purple ochre sea stars, Columbia blacktail deer, and raccoons foraging at low tide.

Kayak Guide Chris W.

5-hour kayak trip, San Juan Outfitters