We had more great news yesterday when NOAA reported a new member of L Pod!  NOAA, who has been conducting research on the Southern Resident Orcas located L Pod off of Westport WA.  Westport is located on the Pacific Coast near the Columbia River.  L94 appears to be the mother to young L121.  This is the second calf for L94, Calypso, who had L113 in 2009.  L119, born in 2012, is the last calf that has survived in L Pod.  In the fall of 2014 L120, born to L86, only survived the first months of life.  Unfortunately, there is a very high mortality rate for orca calves.  Luckily, L121 seems spunky and healthy.

L121 marks the 3rd calf in just 2 months.  J50 and J51 have both been spotted regularly looking happy and healthy.  We certainly hope the 3 newest members of the Southern Resident Killer Whales continue to grow and become lasting member of the community.   Now at 80 individuals, the SRKW community seems to be on the rise, something we could not be more excited about!

Naturalist Emily

San Juan Outfitters