A 3-hour family kayak tour departed Roche Harbor on an unexpectedly sunny day on the island, as always with hopes of catching a glimpse of the incredible wildlife here in the San Juans. Leisurely making our way to the west side of Henry Island, we bumped into a few members of J-pod making their way north to Turn Point on Stuart Island. Today, the whales were in transit mode, so we caught the pod porpoising and making their way towards Boundary Pass, of course with passports in hand. If that wasn't cool enough, we got an up-close and personal visit from a rhinoceros auklet as it was diving for baitfish! These amazing seabirds are a close relative of the puffin and "swim" through the water with their wings. Another great day on the water :)

Kayak Guide Lindsay, 3-hour tour, San Juan Outfitters