Orca surfacing near San Juan Island

On this beautiful Wednesday the Sea Hawk headed north towards Haro Straight in pursuit of the T-124’s. We quickly arrived on scene, and were able to spend a full hour travelling with the killer whales.  We witnessed what appeared to the young pod hunting and then potentially engaging in some playful behavior. We interpreted hunting behavior originally when the orcas were moving cryptically through the water and making movements with purpose. Once they finished hunting (speculation) we began witnessing flukes flopping above the water – leading us to believe that they were engaging in some type of play. Overall, the sighting was well rounded and left us appreciating the beauty of wild orcas.

After leaving the whales we travelled to Spieden Island where we witnessed several bald eagles. However, we were most excited about a bald eagle soaring with a snake in his talons. The two-inch talons of a bald eagle have the strength of approximately 10x a human, and capable of exerting up to 400psi of pressure. Bald eagles are considered scavengers, meaning that they do not focus on one type of prey. We have seen bald eagles in the area feeding on small fish, small terrestrial mammals and as of today snakes!


-Hannah H.

Sea Hawk