This afternoon, M/V Sea Hawk headed north to meet K-Pod. We met up with the group right at Turn Point on Stuart Island. The group that we were watching was traveling close to shore and guests asked how that was possible. Haro Strait is the deepest body of water in the San Juans. At the deepest point, it gets to over 1,300 feet, so there are dramatic drop offs right close to the shore.

Once getting around Turn Point, K-pod had a decision to make, they could turn and head up Boundary Pass or go north through Swanson Channel, either way would get them to the Fraser River. (Most of the time, we see them go through Swanson Channel and Active Pass). They continued north until the reached the border and that is when they turned to head up toward Boundary Pass. At this time they started to increase speed to ten knots! However, they slowed down and turned when they reached South Pender Island! With this turn it looked as though they wanted to head back toward Swanson Channel.  However, that didn't last long and they turned back and continued up Boundary Pass.

We left them continuing north and guests aboard M/V Sea Hawk started to motor south. We headed through Johns Pass toward the Cactus Islands to see Harbor Seals. We were able to stop the engine to look at a curious female and young pup! Finally we were lucky enough to see a handful of Bald Eagles on the Islands!


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