Yesterday started off gray and rainy, so I was pleased that my guests were not deterred by the cool weather. We made sure to dress appropriately with warm layers and raincoats, and headed out. It's absolutely essential that everyone who intends to go out on the water always brings clothing to stay warm and dry-- even in summer that means a fleece or other non-cotton layers, and a windbreaker or raincoat. It's always better to be prepared than caught unawares!

I love paddling when it's gray and misty out, especially when the water is almost absolutely still and it's hard to distinguish between sky and sea. We saw lots of wildlife yesterday, a sunflower sea star, a large group of playful and curious harbor seals, bald eagles, sea birds and even a harbor porpoise! The coolest thing was watching two adult down on the beach by the waters edge, and seeing one adult walk into the water and appear to lunge after prey in the low tide zone. I've never seen a bald eagle go 'wading' so that was really amazing!