San Juan Island Whale Watching and Sea Kayaking

Well it didn't take long to confirm the whale sightings I heard about. Killer Whales were sighted off of Discovery island, at the confluence of Haro Strait and the Straits of Juan De Fuca (about 18-22 miles SW of our Roche Harbor location on San Juan Island). They were sighted mid-day on January 28th, which coincides with the Killer Whale sighting in Rosario Channel earlier in the day. The earlier sighting was 12 Killer Whales headed south bound, from a very reliable source. These whales likely continued south down Rosario Channel, and then headed west towards the Discovery Island. The identity of the Killer Whales was not confirmed. While a group of 12 Transient Killer Whales is not uncommon, this large group was more likely a sub-group from our resident community, commonly known as the Souther Resident Killer Whales. I will continue to post updates as they come in.