Today was a spectacular trip around Henry Island. My guests were blessed with many sightings of multiple types of marine life. Around McCracken Point we saw some Harbor Seals relaxing and sunning in the Bull Kelp. As we continued down the west side of Henry Island I was able to point out the many types of sea-stars nestled in the rocks as well as the huge Bald Eagle nest perched above the water. It was really cool to hear the baby Bald Eaglets squawk about 60 feet above us. We were even blessed with the sighting of a large Sea Nettle Jellyfish that was roughly 15 inches across. During our lunch break we had the uncommon and rewarding opportunity to see the great majestic Orca. The whales were pretty far off in the distance but it was pretty awesome to see such creatures in their natural habitat as they swam with the current and dwarfed the little boats that were trailing them. The day ended with a delightful paddle through Roche Harbor and a much enjoyed conversation about the National Hockey League. It was quite an enjoyable day.

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