M/V SeaHawk | July 6th, 2019 | Naturalist Alexandria | 2PM

Wow what a great day we had on the water! We started out our trip knowing that we had reports of Resident Orcas in our area so, of course, we were very excited to get out on the water!  We got everyone boarded onto M/V SeaHawk and made our way out through Roche Harbor, excited for the day ahead of us!

These whales were headed south, so we started working our way down the south side of San Juan Island. We got some fantastic looks at Lime Kiln Park as we were heading south.  We picked up a male who was swimming parallel to us, and were able to spend a great amount of time with them!

We stayed with this group for a nice chunk of time, before heading to check out another group that was traveling!  We got some fantastic looks at these gorgeous animals that we are always so excited to see! 

We hadn’t seen Resident Orcas in the last two months,  so as you can imagine this was quite an amazing thing to get to see!  Our Resident Orca population has been really struggling, the lack of salmon in our waters has become increasingly detrimental to our Resident Orca population since they are exclusive salmon eaters. 

We have been seeing our Resident Orca’s having to go further and further out to find food, and because of this any time they are in our waters we are exceptionally excited about it!

We had the treat of staying with these whales for a great amount of time before we had to start heading back of to Roche Harbor.  On the way back into harbor we were lucky enough to get a brief look at a harbor seal swimming by! 

What a great day with Resident Orcas!


Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria