Today we had a great time with the Southern Resident Killer Whales of J Pod! The M/V Sea Hawk left Roche Harbor and motored out to the north end of Stewart Island where we caught up with the J14's, J16's, J19's and L87 off Turn Point. When we got on seen we watched as J19, Sachi, came full out of the water in a high breach! Guest were all very excited to see such an amazing display of behavior (as was I)! The whales continued to be very active and broke up into different matrilines, or family units comprised of mothers and there children, to begin foraging for Chinook Salmon. These are very picky whales and can actually tell the difference between salmon species!Chinook Salmon is the biggest of all the salmon and will give them the most caloric value for their effort. It was just a GREAT day! Lot's of close encounters, sunny skys, and flat glassy water.

Heather, Naturalist, M/V Sea Hawk

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