M/V SeaHawk | Sea Hawk  July 18th  2020 | Naturalist Alexandria

Ressies & A Baby Humpback!

What an incredible day we had on the water today!  We started out our trip boarding our boat in Roche Harbor and heading out past some absolutely gorgeous yachts.  What a perfect day to be out on the water- we get to explore one of the most amazing places in the world from the comfort of our beautiful boat!

We headed down the west side and stumbled upon a baby humpback whale who was swimming by!  We got some amazing glances at this humpback as they surfaced off our bow and port side a few times, and then we continued to head south.

We made it to the resident orcas! It was a beautiful site- they were surfacing off the west side, milling and splashing about!  All of our pictures had the most amazing backdrop of Mt. Baker in the background.

After enjoying these orcas for a while we eventually started heading back up to Roche Harbor- getting all of our guests back in time to enjoy the rest of their day.

Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria