Well Noelle and I just returned from our first multi day sea kayak tour of 2010! We had a great, cheerful group and were both happy to get out on the water and dust some cobwebs off our paddling skills. We left Friday Harbor, paddled north and on Day 3 arrived at Roche Harbor-- all without retracing our steps.

Despite varying inclement weather our cheerful group made the best of each day. We were able to paddle around the Wasp Islands, hike around Jones Island State Park and explore the west side of San Juan and Henry Islands. It's definitely springtime here in the San Juan Islands, and the blossoms are in bloom!

I think I can safely speak for the group when I say everyone's highlight was setting off across San Juan Channel on Day 3, and stopping to listen to the dozens of harbor porpoise that were surfacing quietly on all sides of us. We got some great looks at a few pairs just a few hundred feet away, and could hear them breath as they surfaced. It was such special moment, and I was grateful for the chance to share a little island magic.