Killer Whales (Orcas) were spotted again yesterday in the northern part of Seattle and "south" sound. Moving northbound, they were spotted in Saratoga Passage and along the shore of Whidbey Island. There were reports that whales were also near Port Angeles. No confirmed identifications were made, but the Killer Whales were very likely to be the J-pod and K-pod individuals spotted during the past few weeks. Since the whales were traveling out of the south sound in a northerly direction, we may expect to see them off the west side of San Juan Island today in Haro Strait. We're hoping to get on the water with some winter guests. Cool and overcast currently with no winds. It's a great day to be on the water either whale watching or sea kayaking! I'll be listening to Orca Sound today hoping to hear some whales. I'll update our followers with today's sightings.