Jordan | September 8, 2018 | M/V Sea Hawk | 2:00 trip

Today was such a great day out on the water! Although the sky was gray and it was slightly drizzly, the day was still full of great excitement! Captain Erick and I headed out of Roche Harbor on the Sea hawk in search for our whales!

We heard reports of wildlife nearby so we headed out of the harbor towards the animals. Almost immediately we found our whales! We found the killer whales within the Spieden Channel near the shoreline swimming elegantly through the water.

We were super lucky to be able to watch these whales for a significant amount of time. They were traveling really slowly as they perused the shoreline for any food! These beautiful animals headed west around Henry Island and into the Haro Strait heading south along the west side of San Juan Island. The bright white spouts were especially beautiful as they puffed and silhouetted along the shoreline.

Then we went back up towards Spieden to check out some other wildlife! We headed towards a little rocky area full of harbor seals! They were super adorable as they stared back at us with their floppy bodies on the shore.

Then we headed along the island and checked out a beautiful bald eagle perched high in a dead tree. With its bright white head glowing through the gray day, we knew it was an adult who was at least 4 years old. Any younger than that, the bird would have a brown speckly head!

Boating alongside the island we spotted so many exotic animals! We saw mouflon sheep, sika deer and fallow deer! These animals are from Europe and Asia! We even saw an albino sheep!

Eventually we headed back to Roche very content with the day’s findings!