San Juan Island sea kayak update:

Today I paddled out with Peter, Erika and Maren and despite the bright sunny skies, we encountered wind almost every way we turned! It was one of the more challenging days I've paddled lately, but luckily they were up for the adventure. We started by trying to get a closer look at all the birds sheltering around Posey Island, but could only identify a handful before they scattered.

Sprinkled among the more common Buffleheads, Harlequins and Guillemots were some birds I couldn't quite positively identify. I think we were looking at scoters and goldeneyes, but next time I want to kayak with binoculars-- or Blake, one of our resident "bird nerds". I love returning to the San Juans year after year and I've become pretty familiar with the animals out here, so it's nice to have a puzzle or mystery identification to think about!