Roche Harbor was gorgeous today with bright blue skies and that perfect warm spring breeze that marks the beginning of a new season. I paddled out into the sunshine with Yvette and Matt and we were pretty pleased with what we found.

The animals were out in full force today-- we got a close up look at a bald eagle hopping on the rocks nearby, a river otter repeatedly surfaced chewing something tasty and seals popped up all around our kayaks looking at us curiously.

For me, the most interesting part of the day was seeing all kinds of new and strange jellies (formerly called jellyfish). We caught a few and examined them closely, and confirmed the identification of Catablema nodulosa, a pretty, clear jelly with a gelatinous cap and light brown frilly stomach. I'm hard at work learning more about these jellies-- along with their Latin name, so I can remember it!