This afternoon I paddled out with Doug & Debra from Idaho, and they brought luck with them. We saw a ton of wildlife, and the weather was fantastic to boot. All throughout the 5 hour paddle we saw and heard male harbor seals slapping the surface of the water, but it was in the bull kelp bed off of McCracken Point that we could see them up close. These seals were launching almost their whole bodies out of the water and coming down with a resounding splash. It was impressive to see such displays and in such detail.
The other highlight of the day was seeing harbor porpoises. At one point we saw a few slowly slipping in and out of the water feeding. It was such a calm, perfect day that we could see their outlines perfectly. Later as we rounded Kellett Bluffs another harbor porpoise surfaced just a dozen feet or so away from my kayak!

I think the seals must have liked Doug, because on our way home a lone harbor seal popped up repeatedly in front of, beside, between and behind our boats. It was exciting to guess where it'd appear next!