Today was an absolutely sensational day on the water. I have never had an encounter with Orcas like my guests and I had today! We  had lunch near Open Bay and quickly got back in our boats in order to position ourselves alongshore in case the whales came our way. Sure enough, as we were in the process of rafting up, an Orca surfaced only several yards away. This Orca surfaced again and again, then our focus shifted to a line of 8-10 whales coming directly at us! Holding our position in the glorious sunshine and calm water, we watched the whales with awe and reverence as they breached, fed on salmon, played with one another and rested. Thinking the entire pod had passed, we began to round Kellett Bluff, only to be surprised by more whales, again coming right at us! We rafted up again as quickly as possible, and these whales decided to communicate closely with us, coming RIGHT underneath the stern of our boats. My guests and I were trembling with excitement and joy. Like I said, an absolutely sensational experience.

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