Captain Jim and myself were aboard M/V Sea Hawk for two trips today! Our first trip departed at 9am and with no reports we headed south. The Sea Hawk was cruising at about 13 knots, the water was like glass, and there were no clouds in the sky! We got to about Eagle Point and still no reports.  Finally, once we were headed toward Discovery Island, we heard of Js and Ks inbound east of Discovery, it ended up being us being a little north of where the Resident orcas were! Since they were inbound, that means they went out Strait of Juan de Fuca over night and turned!

Guests were excited to hear the good news and started intently watching the water. All of a sudden we saw a group of three surface in the distance and everyone got instantly excited! Once we were able to catch up with the orcas, they were moving quickly toward San Juan Island! We got to see some great porpoising and even got to see a breach! Guests were extremely happy to have such beautiful weather and a beautiful trip!

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