[Naturalist Erick D., M/V Seahawk, 8/29/17, 2:00PM]


            The other day Captain Joe and I took a small lovely group aboard the M/V Seahawk. We went far but we got to a group of Transient Orcas swimming south in Rosario Strait. Today was pretty interesting because there were three different Transient Orca groups that had traveled almost the same exact route just at different times throughout the day. We saw one of the three groups just south of Lydia Reef in Rosario Strait. It was the T046’s! This is one of my favorite families to see out here. T046 was estimated to be born in 1964 and was the last orca captured for planned captivity in the Puget Sound. She was eventually released though and is now a great-grandmother! Her total progeny now is around thirteen, that’s amazing!

            We watched them roll southbound down Rosario Strait against the wind. You could see their blows break with the breezes and shine in the afternoon sunlight as rain-blows. We watched this cool family group as they travelled into the sunlight. We headed back after watching the four family members as well as one more, T122, who travels with them for a while. The way back was stunning as the sun hung low in the sky we zig-zagged between all the smaller islands and in the small passes in between them. We passed several rocks covered with hauled out Harbor Seals on them and one lonely Bald Eagle perched up on a tree on McConnell Island.

            What another San Juanderful day.


Whale folks, until next time,


Naturalist Erick

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Transient Orcas
Transient Orcas