Today we left Roche harbor with a recent report of transients down towards salmon bank.  We headed out Mosquito Pass and headed South on the West side of San Juan Island.  Thankfully the transients were moving in our direction so we met them around False Bay.  We watched a large group of transients with a large male and 3 young juveniles including what looked to be like a very young calf.  The whales were heading North up the West side of San Juan Island at a very slow pace, which was good for us since they have the ability to swim up to almost 20 miles per hour.  We watched the whales cruise slowly with the young calves.  The family was also doing some socializing including spyhopping and tail slapping.  We started out with a trip that was a bit overcast but by the time we were watching the whales we ended up with a beautiful sunny day on the boat.  After leaving the whales we took a nice cruise in the sun on the way back to up Roche Harbor.  We had a wonderful day on the water with our guests!


Naturalist Rachel

M/V Seahawk, San Juan Outfitters