Captain Nancy, myself and guests travelled all the way to Active Pass in order to see Orcas! In order to get to Active Pass, M/V Sea Hawk motored through Haro Strait and Swanson Channel. Active Pass is located in the Canadian Gulf Islands and is the passage way between Mayne Island and Galiano Island. This passage way is relatively narrow and can have very turbulent water, which our guests did get to experience! The Orcas that were in Active Pass were Transients and it was a group of six to eight. At one point the current was moving so quickly, M/V Sea Hawk was moving ten knots but trying to stay in one place! Through Active Pass, the orcas were hunting and guests were seeing Harbor Seals around! They were able to see the orcas spyhop as well! Once out of the passage the transients started to move quickly and guests were able to see some fast porpoising occur! On our way home, Captain Nancy took us back through Navy Channel, Plumper Sound, Boundary Pass, and Johns Pass! Round trip, M/V Sea Hawk traveled about 5o miles during this trip!

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