What can I say, J pod, with a capital J, has been seeming to love the west side of San Juan Island lately. The Southern Residents were booking it north from Hein Bank up Haro Strait. So Capt. Gabe and I went south on the Seahawk and met them about half way down (south) San Juan Island. We stayed parallel with the front runners of the pod as they moved north. Among this smaller J pod group was Granny (J-2), the OLDEST LIVING ORCA (that we know of)!!! It's estimated that she will be around 104 this year, and even though she can no longer have calves she will be a integral part of J pod for her entire life. Considering that orcas have similar life cycles and lifespans to humans she's doing pretty well. She's also our local celebrity since she was filmed a little for the making of all of our favorite movie starring an orca (cue Michael Jackson song...now).  After watching Granny and some other older J pod members hunt, porpoise, and breach! we headed back north and spied on both an adult and immature bald eagles on Battleship Island and some adorable Harbor Seals. Well folks until next time keep enjoying summer!


Naturalist Erick

M/V Seahawk, San Juan Outfitters