It was a long journey for M/V Sea Hawk- reports had our resident killer whales all the way at the very southern most point of Victoria. Most captains might be concerned that was too far a trek, but not Captain Chris, he was ready to traverse the channels to get to those whales! All was calm within the Haro Strait for M/V Sea Hawk's passengers and crew, and it looked like it was going to be a rather peaceful jaunt. It wasn't until we reach the Strait of Juan De Fuca that Mother Nature decided to show us a little bit of what she could do. The tides were switching and the swell picked up- I was scrambling to save guests belonging from the water, but when I looked up nobody seemed to care about that because we had whales! Right as the swell picked up, the whales of L Pod made themselves present. It was a great opportunity for guests to see these animals porpoising through the waves and then change their behavior dramatically to foraging. There was tail slaps, and cartwheels galore from our southern resident community whales. However, just as easily as the swell had amassed, it died down within 5 minutes. For the rest of our trip the tide was in our favor and escorted us back into Roche Harbor in no time flat! Ended up being a great day for an exciting whale watch!

Caitlin, Naturliats, M/V Sea Hawk

San Juan Outfitters