M/V Sea Hawk | Naturalist Alexandria | Monday, July 8th, 2019

What a beautiful day we had out on the water today!  When we started our trip we were excited because we already had reports of different wild life in the area.  Whenever we start out a trip and already have an idea of where the wildlife has been spotted we know its going to be a good day! 

As we loaded all of our passengers onto M/V Sea Hawk we were eager to get off the dock and get our trip started!  We got all of our passengers loaded, kiddos life jacked, and then me our Captain for the day.  Captain Sarah talked to us about the game plan for the day and communicated different reports that she had received.  We decided to head towards the report of these orcas west of us.

As we headed off the dock we navigated our way through shrimp pots that were sprinkling the water.  As Captain Sarah navigated us through the pass and into the channel I talked to everyone about the wildlife we were going to be on the look out for.  Even when we have reports of orcas in the area we always like to make sure that everyone has a great over view of the other kinds of wildlife we see in the area.

We talked about harbor seals, harbor porpoise, humpbacks, and orcas while we were heading out to the whales!  Within a few minutes we even got to see some harbor porpoise swimming on by.  After traveling to the location of our reports we were excited to see some dorsal fins in the distance!  We got closer and ended up with some fantastic looks of these orcas.  We got to watch them swim by with their big beautiful black dorsal fins for a nice chunk of time before heading out to the water.

After hanging out with them we started working our way back over to Roche Harbor!  What a fantastic day on the water!


Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria