Captain Brian just reported back from today's whale watch trip this afternoon, and he described it as "one of his Top 3 wildlife encounters- ever!" The boat left Roche Harbor and headed out in search of the transient Orcas that were in the area. Upon arriving they saw harbor porpoises "everywhere" and Brian and Kendall were on the alert and watching the hunting transient whales. Suddenly both transients dived down and disappeared. Everyone was scanning the waters, looking madly for the whales. Brian heard a splash, but when he looked two porpoises were missing. The actual kills occurred underwater; evidenced when the transients resurfaced a ways a way, leaving the entrails of the porpoises to float on the surface.

Some might say that this was a gruesome scene, but it's just another part of life. Not only being able to glimpse these whales in the wild, but also seeing firsthand what incredible predators they truly are is a gift. That rare sighting won't easily be forgotten by the guests and crew aboard the Sea Hawk today.