Today Captain Gabe and I had a wonderful day aboard the M/V Seahawk cruising down the west side of San Juan Island. The water was gorgeous and smooth, and it was one of our first warm days out on the water. I was happily wrapped in a fleece while cruising, but while sitting watching the whales the sun was just perfection! We spent plenty of time with some of the J16 matriline, including one of my favorite whales J26 Mike. J26 Mike is a full grown male killer whale, so he is right around 30 feet long and his dorsal fin on his back is right around 6 feet tall. Today this beautiful bull was traveling with his little sister J36 Alki and her new calf J52, lazily breaching, fishing and just hanging out. The sun was absolutely perfect today and the whales were just the frosting on the cake!

Naturalist Sarah, M/V Seahawk, San Juan Outfitters Kayaking and Whale Watching